Top 5 Ways Martial Arts Benefit Kids

Do Martial Arts Benefit Kids?

Maybe you are thinking about enrolling your child in a nearby Karate studio. Before scoping out the nearest martial arts school, maybe you want to make sure martial arts are going to make your child more focused, confident, and respectful. We’ll show you how with our “Top 5 Ways Martial Arts Benefit Kids”…

5. Physical Fitness

The most obvious way that martial arts benefits kids is through physical fitness. Recess and physical education are being cut down in schools nationwide. Also, some kids just aren’t big on team sports. Combine those factors with the rise of childhood obesity, it’s easy to see it’s so important to make sure kids get the physical activity they need. Whether they are kicking and punching, fighting a punching bag, running an obstacle course, or playing an exciting game at the end of class – martial arts classes are a great way to get kids moving.

4. Facing Challenges

Whether they are getting ready to break a board, practice escaping from a wrist grab, or “battle” a partner with a foam sword at the end of class, Karate teaches kids to face challenges. When you learn to face one challenge, then facing other challenges isn’t so intimidating. And that is where confidence is built.

3. Learning through “Play”

Kids learn through play. Kids also bond through physical activity. Martial arts classes help kids learn how to resolve conflict, interact with others, and make friends.

Though a Karate class generally maintains a structured routine and talking may be fairly limited during most of the class, children still develop bonds with their classmates. Simple things like where to stand in line help kids learn conflict resolution (it’s a perfect teaching moment for kids to learn manners, patience, focus, and self-control if another student is standing in their place).

2. Positive Environment

Parents want their children to be surrounded by positive role models and supportive peers. At the same time, parents want their kids to stay “out of trouble”. A good martial arts school covers all of these things parents want.

A good school run by a good instructor is a school run by a role model. This doesn’t mean your Karate instructor is perfect but he or she should exemplify the things we expect from a role model: patience, kindness, humility, respect, and integrity.

Character Values Kids Karate Winder Barrow martial arts benefits kids benefit1. Character Values

Why is it so important for the instructor to be a good role model? Why is it important for the instructor to demonstrate those positive qualities I mention above?

The obvious answer is that nobody wants to be around someone who treats others poorly. More specifically, it is important to see how the martial arts affects a person over a long-term period.

A good school teaches important character values to students. Values such as patience, perseverance, humility, good-sportsmanship, respect, and self-discipline through goal setting. The way these are taught can vary. One instructor might encourage a student during to keep trying. Another might talk with all the kids at the end of class about these important concepts. Some instructors do a mix of both methods. Regardless, martial arts without these virtues is incomplete.

Hopefully you can see the true value of martial arts. It is much more than kicking and punching. The martial arts benefit kids by helping them become well-rounded individuals and leaders.


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