An exciting year in Karate

2016 has come and gone…and it was exciting!

I know. 2016 got a bad rap and some people were happy to see it go. But at Master Pattillo Martial Arts, we had a great year. Did I mention the word “exciting” yet?

We gained new students. Students earned new belts (including new black belts!). We hosted several “Parents Night Out” events and summer camp. We introduced a lot of new activities into our classes plus our character education program and other curriculum additions that have taken our school to the next level.

Check out our “look back” video below. If you’re on our newsletter, you already know some of the great things in store for 2017. Regardless of how you feel about 2016…this new year is going to be even better!

Self-defense confidence self-esteem martial arts karate Master Pattillo Martial Arts Winder GA BarrowMatt Pattillo is a fifth degree black belt, master instructor and owner of Master Pattillo Martial Arts, Inc. which operates in Winder, GA (Barrow County). Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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