A quick way to reduce stress


Everyone has to deal with it at some point. Whether you’re facing stress because of school, work, or home – it’s important to deal with it. Stress is something that can seriously take its toll on your health. So, let’s go over a few tips for reducing and relieving stress.

1. Exercise

Exercise can be intimidating. A common objection I hear from adults is that they are afraid they’re too out of shape to exercise.

It sounds like a crazy objection – like not “knowing enough” to start school. But I think the underlying fear is looking silly, or getting hurt, or feeling uncomfortable.

However, it doesn’t matter how you exercise, the important thing is that you just do it. Walk, swim, bike, do Karate, dance in your living room…anything! Exercise doesn’t have to be hard; in fact, it should be fun. Why? First, most people don’t stick with things that aren’t fun. Fun is the short term reward that keeps us going to see long term results. Second, because “fun” stuff doesn’t make you fear silliness, soreness, or discomfort.

2. Breathe

The simplest technique to help you reduce stress: Breathe!

As a kid, I remember hearing “just count to 10” but that never worked for me. What did work is changing how I breathed. Check out the video below and see the technique that helps me most.

Give it a try and let me know if it works.

And if you’re interested in a fun exercise that will help you relieve stress, check out our martial arts classes. Feel free to contact me at 678-469-6320 or leave a comment here – I would be happy to help you get started.


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