Free Kids Safety and Stranger Danger Class

Do you know what your child thinks about strangers?

It’s something I ask my students about all the time. And I usually start with the question, “What does a stranger look like?

It’s sort of a trick question. Adults know that the “bad guys” look just like everyone else. But here’s what kids tell me strangers look like…

  • They wear a mask
  • They are scary
  • They wear dark clothing

It’s scary.

Because those bad guys – who aren’t wearing masks and looking shady – use those preconceptions against kids.

But kids who know to watch for behaviors instead of appearances are safer against the bad guys.

It’s how I avoided a close encounter when I was a kid. I was approached by a man in a car when I was a kid. He was asking for directions and wanted me to get close to his car…

Fortunately, I knew this behavior was dangerous so I kept my distance!

Saturday, February 17, we are hosting a FREE Kids Safety and Self-Protection class at 12:30pm!

We will be discussing stranger awareness as well as practicing simple, practical self-protection techniques.

The class is filling up quickly. Only 9 spots are left!! So be sure to register at

See you then!

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