Are you ready for your child to excel?

Our Kids Karate Classes could make this your child's best year yet!

Every parent wants the best for their child.

Do you hope your child will make better grades? Pay more attentionListenSpeak up?

We know that discipline, focus, and confidence help kids do better in school. Better yet, these qualities help make children into leaders.

So how can Karate help your child become a leader, too?


Wouldn’t you love to hear these seven things at home?

  • “Yes sir”
  • “No sir”
  • “Yes ma’am”
  • “No ma’am”
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • You’re welcome

We always use these phrases in our Kids Karate Classes. Better yet, we encourage kids to say these things at home and at school, too!

Believe it or not (though you’ll see for yourself), when kids start using these courtesy words, their behavior will change, too!

The values we teach in martial arts encourage students to work hard, listen, and make courtesy a habit. These values help kids become better students in school and better behaved at home.


Our fun Karate classes teach kids focus with exciting activities that encourage memory skills and increase concentration. The structure and routine of our classes build focus, also! In our classes, kids build both strong muscles and strong minds!


Learning new skills, setting goals, and achieving new things builds confidence. And martial arts training helps kids do these things! Confidence helps kids:

  • overcome challenges
  • stand up for themselves and others
  • and stop bullies
Leadership Skills

Increased self-esteem helps kids fit in with their peers and stand out in their classroom as leaders.


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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

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