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Awesome news! In 2017, we had a goal. Our goal was to make an even bigger impact on our community...

We introduced "Local Impact"

Whether you're part of a school PTO, Scouts, a religious organization, or day care/learning center...

Master Pattillo Martial Arts has fantastic way to help with your fundraising needs and kids character development!


Whether you are a member of a PTO/PTA, a Scout troop, youth group, sports team, or summer camp - we can help you raise funds using a simple, effective method. Check out the video to find out how!

Class Talks

Kids not only need strong bodies and a good education...they need character values to help them find success as adults. We have four classroom talks that help instill positive values and reward positive behavior. Plus, we have a way to help take the ideas kids learn in these talks home with them!

Topic #1

Black Belt Character - kids learn the value of goal setting, positive attitude, and 100% effort.

Topic #2

Bully Prevention - Kids discover non-violent techniques to resolve conflict and the importance of helping others.

Topic #3

Manners - Kids learn about respect and manners and why they're so important.

Topic #4

Stranger Awareness - What does a stranger look like? How do we know where to turn for help? Kids learn their most important defense against bad strangers.

All of these "talks" are FREE. It's our way of helping our community grow stronger. Fill out the "Contact Form" on this page and we will be happy to contact you about teaming up with your organization.

Matt Pattillo
Master Pattillo Martial Arts

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller


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We would be happy to team up with your organization to make a positive impact on kids in our community. Fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly!

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