Martial Arts in Winder Barrow KarateWelcome to Master Pattillo Martial Arts in Winder, GA. Our classes are EXCITING, SAFE, and FUN!!

We teach traditional martial arts that help students develop focus, discipline, and confidence which means better grades at school and better behavior at home.

Kids classes are geared toward an age-appropriate curriculum with a focus on fun so students can build confidence and self-esteem by making friends and getting fit. Get more information on our Kids Karate Classes.

Adult classes are geared toward traditional martial arts and fitness enabling students to set attainable goals to get fit, get flexible, and live longer, healthier, happier lives. Get more information on our Adult Karate Classes.

We are located in Winder (Barrow County) and all of our instructors are highly trained, highly qualified Black Belts.

We are located at…

138 West Athens Street, Suite H, near the heart of Winder. We are inside the Brookwood Place shopping strip with El Centinela Mexican Restaurant.

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Master Pattillo Martial Arts 138 W. Athens St. Winder, GA


demonstrating and teaching martial arts in winder gaMaster Instructor Matthew Pattillo is a Fifth Degree Black Belt with experience in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Pressure Points, and Jujitsu. Mr. Pattillo began his Karate training in 1986. He earned his Black Belt in 1992 and became a Head Instructor in 2001. Master Pattillo has been teaching martial arts in Winder since 2005. He has competed in numerous State, Regional, and National level Tae Kwon Do and Karate tournaments throughout his career in the Martial Arts. He has been a repeat State and National level Gold Medalist in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and American Open Martial Arts (AOMA). He was also the recipient of the 2004 Charles Minter Tae Kwon Do Karate Instructor of the Year Award and the 2008 Outstanding Instructor Award.

Mr. Pattillo has passed criminal background checks for Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation, Barrow County Recreation Department, and Hall County Parks and Leisure.

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