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Free Kids Safety and Stranger Danger Class

Do you know what your child thinks about strangers? It’s something I ask my students about all the time. And I usually start with the question, “What does a stranger look like?” It’s sort of a trick question. Adults know that the “bad guys” look just like everyone else. But here’s what kids tell me…

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Strangers and What Your Kids Should Know

What is a stranger? The other day, a story came out from Texas of an 11 year old boy who helped foil an abduction. TJ Smith alerted a neighbor when he saw a 7 year old girl being abducted. They chased after the stranger and were able to detain him until police arrived. Coincidentally, Stranger…

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Stranger Danger

June is National Safety Month. This week, the theme is “Watch out for Dangers.” In the martial arts, we focus protecting ourselves from physical danger. For kids, we tend to focus on bullies and strangers. Bully-Proofing While some people may think that Karate is about kicks and punches, it’s actually much more than that. By learning self-defense skills,…

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Bully Prevention and Weekend Review

This month is turning out to be very busy! In a minute, we will look at Bullies since that is the topic of this Friday’s self-defense class. First, though, let’s talk about last Friday’s class and our demonstration at the Bethlehem Star Festival! Last Friday – Stranger Danger We actually had an older group of kids…

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